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Executive Protection Services

Our Executive Protection Agents are highly trained to ensure that you and yours remain safe in any environment. Our team members come from various backgrounds including military and law enforcement and have extensive experience in austere environments. Their expertise allows you to rest assured, knowing that you will be safe no matter what the situation.

Why do you need Executive Protection Services?

Violence targeted at public figures is unfortunately common, but optimistically preventable with the correct measures in place. So what are those measures? It starts with security. Considering that there is no accurate profile of an assassin as well as the fact that those individuals who pose significant threats rarely make threats, you need to be prepared because there could potentially be no warning signs leading up to an attack. Considering that an unwanted interaction could come at your home, office, at a social event, or during transport between venues, you need to be prepared at all times. The goal in providing safety and security, whether it be for an organization or an individual, is to be proactive rather than reactive, and failing to be proactive in your security measures could be a costly mistake. Of the four primary components that contribute to subjects carrying out acts of violence, the most relevant is information regarding the subject’s environment. In other words, if the threatening individual observes a strong, professional sense of security insulating his subject, he is far less likely to attempt to make contact.

Our Services

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At Stratum Group International, we offer several services which are customizable to meet the security needs of each client. We specialize in combining our unique expertise in tactical analysis and strategic planning to mitigate risk and to ultimately solve the most complex of problems.