Secured Transportation

Time is arguably the most valuable resource we have. Stress is linked to several causes of death. Driving in major metropolitan areas comes at a major cost in terms of both time and stress.

Enlisting the services of a private security firm to provide you with secure transportation can not only protect your life but can allow you to maximize your time while keeping stress at a minimum. Being driven by a security professional will keep your mind at ease knowing that your safety and security are being closely monitored by a professional, with a professional organization behind him.

Secure transportation begins with effective planning. Detailed route analysis along with the monitoring of emergency stations allows for proper route selection, ensuring the client gets from point A to point B in the safest, most efficient manner. Security professionals must always be aware of the nearest hospitals—specifically level-1 trauma units—and police stations. Additionally, the security professional will be aware of all designated harbor sites in the event of an emergency. Client preferences must always be observed, from the client’s preferred radio station to their preferred route to and from the FBO.

Like most security operations, attention to detail during transportation operations is key. As trained observers, security professionals are trained to detect if they are being followed while driving. In the event that they are being followed, the driver will follow specific predesignated procedures and ensure that the situation is handled in a safe manner—one in which the client and his or her family remain safe, to include the anonymity of their home address.

Having security present at all times is a great idea, and during transportation is no exception. The advantages to having a security professional providing secure transportation are unlimited, not only from a security perspective but from a convenience standpoint as well. When you work with the right security firm, security and convenience almost always go hand in hand.