Travel Security

Travel security is a popular topic of discussion amongst corporations and high-net-worth individuals. A common trend seems to be for an organization or individual to surround themselves with security during routine, everyday life, but then completely disband their security mindset when traveling, whether it be for business or leisure, domestically or internationally. Considering the rapid growth of terrorist organizations operating worldwide, including within the United States, the argument that security while traveling is just as important as when not traveling is strong.

The most common reason we see for not including security in travel plans is the convenience aspect. Clients do not want to be bothered and restricted by security personnel while traveling. They want to be able to enjoy themselves. My response to this is always the same: the reason you mention for not wanting security present during travel—convenience—is the exact reason why you do want security present during travel. Consider this: if you have the right security provider, you most likely have no idea of the extent that they go to not only ensure your life runs smoothly from a security aspect but that your life runs smoothly in general. Simple things like knowing the type of chewing gum you prefer, or the temperature you prefer your car, or the type of bottled water you prefer, or where you prefer your newspaper be delivered. While you may take these things for granted, your security team does not. If you expect the same level of service from a concierge service or car service you hire during travel, you most likely will be disappointed.

Any security professional will tell you that providing secure travel for a client begins with preparation. Planning, a key aspect of any operation, is extremely important in ensuring the client’s travel is a success, which means travel is safe, without hassle, and enjoyable. Planning starts with coordination with local and federal agencies in the areas where the travel will be taking place. Building strong rapport with contacts within these agencies will ensure that you get the proper support when needed. These contacts can also provide you with crucial information which can greatly aid in making the travel assignment a success.

The ideal travel security plan will involve sending security personnel in advance to provide on-ground analysis and preparation ahead of the client’s arrival. This will allow for the proper threat and vulnerability assessments to be conducted in regards to hotels, restaurants, and any venues included in the itinerary. Detailed route analysis will also be conducted to ensure the safest, most efficient routes are used by the driver. Advanced personnel can conduct walkthroughs of hotel rooms and meeting rooms to not only confirm the security of the venue, but to also ensure client preferences are recognized.

Competent security personnel in place during travel is an essential way to ensure that any trip is a success. In addition to standard security functions, the right security firm will provide a service unmatched by any concierge serve.